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Grunner bike uses Lithium Ion cells and MVT Battery Management System for controling battery cells.
The weight of the bike is 25 kg.
Grunner will be charged from 0-80% in 30 minutes, and it will take about 90 minutes to charge it fully.
No, out BMS will take care about the battery. But you have to charge your bike at least once a month and you must storage your bike in dry room with temperature higher than 12 degrees celsius.
Well, it depends. We have few Grunner bike versions and if you select street legal version (25km/h, 250W) then it will be pedal assisted.
In eco mode, max speed is 25km/h, in power mode max speed is limited to 50km/h. Street legal version max speed is 25km/h
No, our chassis and transmission are specially designed for this purpose.
The base price of the Grunner bike is 6000€ + VAT
You can make an order by clicking on "ORDER" button above and filling out the form.
Our Universus module will keep your bike safe from thieves, but you always have to be careful.

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1st of July 2016th

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Grunner application uses your Location for better user experience, and none of your private data is stored on any server. Grunner application requires microphone permission, to be able to receive voice commands, none of your private data, audio records etc. isn't stored on any server.