Electrify your adventure

Grunner isn't only a bike, it's your future partner in your adventure. It has a style, smartness and power to make your next adventure even better.



You don't need keys, not even some fancy wireless key, all you need is your smartphone. Application is secured and it will automatically block your bike and it will activate an alarm if some burglar tries to steal your bike. If you have children and they also want to drive Grunner you can make a rule so they will never be able to get maximum power and speed from your bike. Application will keep you informed and you will always be able to know how much km you still have, depended on battery state. Also with GPS tracking you'll always know where your bike is, even if it's turned off.

Grunner electric bike application on tablet.

User Area

Mobile Vehicle Technology User Area is web platform for controlling all your vehicles (bikes, cars etc.) which has embedded MVT Universus module. With MVT UA, you are able to set-up your vehicle, change parameters, get current location and more... Grunner electric bike, also sends data to cloud, so you are always able to see how electrified your ride was.

Mobile Vehicle Technology User Area.

Battery Pack

  • Lithium Ion chemistry
  • Nominal voltage: 54V
  • MV BMS
  • Cell monitoring (temperature, voltage etc.)
  • High / low voltage protection
  • Temperature protection
Lithium Ion battery cells are light and they have high energy saving capacity. From battery pack you can expect a minimum life of 1000 cycles (above 80%). Our sophisticated BMS will take care of the battery cells and it does not need any maintenance. With embedded RTOS our BMS will provide fast and accurate calculation of all parameters and it will keep your bike healthy. Grunner can be charged from 0-80% in just 30 minutes from standard 110V/220V outlet. From 0-100 percent it will take about 90 minutes of charging.

Mobile Vehicle Technology battery pack and BMS

Grunner Frame

  • Seamless steel tubes
  • MIG welded
  • Steel sheet metal mounting frames
  • Designed for 1.1/8" fork
  • Composite body kit
  • Standard shaft mount
Well designed on road and off road frame (depends on suspension pack). Every frame is stress tested before final bike assembly. Standard bottom bracket. We provide two versions: with front ratio shifter (3 speed) and with single front speed. At the back we provide standard 3 or 6 speed sprocket pack with speed shifter.

Grunner electric bike frame.

Powered by Emma

Emma is advanced artificial intelligence. Cloud based platform for traffic surveillance, autonomous driving and information database. Emma is currently in testing phase. Grunner bike application uses Emma's database to provide up to date traffic information and also for global Grunner network connection.

Mobile Vehicle Technology Emma - artificial intelligence

Universus Module

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Security
  • GPS module
  • Vehicle control
Universus module is advanced hardware for electric vehicles based on Mobile Vehicle Technology modular solutions. Universus module provides Bluetooth connection with your smartphone, and it's able to controll all parameters of your vehicle.

Mobile Vehicle Technology Universus module, vehicle control unit

Grunner creators

Grunner is a product of creative minds from two open minded companies Mobile Vehicle Technology and Absolute Design.

Design company, Absolute Design



Eco mode: 250W

Power mode: 2200W


Eco mode: 25km/h

Power mode: 50km/h


Eco mode: 180km

Power mode: 100km


Eco mode: 25%

Power mode: 250%

Battery pack

Capacity: 1.5kWh

Chemistry: Lithium-Ion

Nominal voltage: 48V



Material: steel tubes.

Head tube: 150mm

Body: Composite

Welding: Tig


Motor: BLDC

Crank: Single speed

Pedals: Custom

Chain: Custom


Front: Rockshox

Travel: 200mm

Rear: Rockshox

Spring: Steel coil


Size: 26"

Rim: Custom 46mm


Custom, 7" full-color

MVT Infotainment


Shimano hydraulic

Disc size: 180mm

Regenerative braking

Power: 1kW

Charging battery

Our Backers

  • Branko Bubenik
  • Gordana Paj Bubenik
  • Damir Birt
  • Matija Birt
  • Bartol Šimunić
  • Antonio Lazarević
  • Petar Markešić
  • Branko Markiš
  • Danijel Sadet Živoder
  • Zdravko Golubić
  • Ankica Golubić
  • Jana Golubić

  • Leon Malnar
  • Beatricia Tadić Dropučić
  • Hyundai-Birt
  • Anita Hećimović
  • Dinko Pleić
  • Nikola Klacinski
  • Zoran Kauzlarić
  • Ivan Stipic
  • Barbara Žlender
  • Ivica Golubić
  • Krunoslav Čvorak
  • Andrija Lisičak

Coming soon

Grunner electric bike will be available on the market by the middle of 2017. Below you can make a pre-order.